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Hot Tub Installation Denver CO

So you’re looking to get a hot tub installation at your Denver CO home? Great! We would love to assist you. We have years of experience in the spa industry installing hot tubs and we know that planning is the key to hot tub installation success. If you still need to establish the perfect location for you spa to be placed, we can refer you to landscape architects, general contractors or electrical contractors to make sure that your hot tub installation meets code requirements. For example, some hot tub installations might require a new electrical outlet, which require certain permits from Denver CO building codes division. We can help you plan the entire process so don’t hesitate to contact us early on in your planning stages. It will make the entire project easier, more time and cost efficient. 

Hot tub installation denver co

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Out With the Old

Sometimes Denver CO new homeowners inheret a hot tub spa that doesn’t exactly meet their standards of operations. These hot tubs can be old, dirty, and sometimes even dangerous. If the previous hot tub owners did not properly clean their hot tub then there could be unwanted bacterial growth inside of the tubing and filters. So if you decide to get rid of that old hot tub, we will come pick it up for you before we do your brand new hot tub installation! 

In With the New

Now that we’ve safely disconnected and uninstalled your old hot tub, we have ample room for a brand new hot tub. How exciting! We will take care of the enitre Denver CO hot tub installation process to have you up and running in no time. It’s worth considering talking to us about our routine maintenance program as well to keep that new hot tub in top shape.